Welcome to SmartGridComm 2015!

The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite your participation in 6th IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm 2015). This conference seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners around the world who are leveraging and developing Information and Communication technology for the Intelligent Grid with attendant economic, environmental, and societal benefits.

We look forward to sharing the innovative technologies and approaches being used to enable two-way energy and information flow, faster fault isolation and power outages restoration, renewable energy integration and consumer energy optimization tools as well as other smart grid applications.

SmartGridComm 2015 will be held in Miami Florida , USA on November 2-5, 2015. Miami is a major crossroads of multiple continents, rich in cultural diversity and offering many opportunities for leisure and exploration. IEEE SmartGridComm 2015 will feature a technical program centered around four thematic symposia, namely Communications and Neworks to Enable the Smartgrid, Cyber Security and Privacy, Architectures, Control and Operation for Smart Grids and Microgrids and Data Management, Grid Analytics, and Dynamic Pricing.

We warmly invite you to participate in the IEEE SmartGridComm 2015 program of activities. We are confident that you will find the program to be enriching, enlightening and rewarding.

The General Co-Chairs, Prof. Haniph A. Latchman and Dr. Michael Koch

About the previous conferences ...

A conference report about IEEE SmartGridComm 2010 was published in Nov. 2010 issue of IEEE Communications Magazine (see here) and one for IEEE SmartGridComm 2011 was published in December 2011 issue of IEEE Communications Magazine (see here).

The published papers for the IEEE SmartGridComm conferences are available on ieeexplore.ieee.org. Find more info, including program & plenary presentations at the website of the previous IEEE SmartGriComm editions (click on the list).

IEEE SmartGridCom 2014

  • Attendees: 280 attendees
  • Accepted Papers: 166 out of 399 (41% of acceptance ratio)
  • Program: 3 keynotes, 5 symposia and 4 workshops
  • Patrons and exhibits: 10

IEEE SmartGridCom 2013

  • Attendees: 282 attendees
  • Accepted Papers: 135 out of 334 (40% of acceptance ratio)
  • Patrons: 5 and 1 local supporter

IEEE SmartGridCom 2012

  • Attendees: 369 attendees
  • Accepted Papers: 122 out of 276 (44% of acceptance ratio)
  • Patrons: 2 and 4 local supporter
  • Program Including: 2 Tutorials, 3 Forums, 3 Workshops, 11 Technical Symposia, 1 Student Video Competition
  • New Programming: Best Paper Award per track

IEEE SmartGridCom 2011

  • Attendees: 315 attendees
  • Accepted Papers: 105 out of 265 (40% of acceptance ratio)
  • Patrons: 9, 1 local supporter and 2 media partners
  • New Programming: 3 Tutorials, 2 Workshops, 1 Student Video Competition

IEEE SmartGridCom 2010

  • Attendees: 441 attendees
  • Accepted Papers: 102 out of 255 (40% of acceptance ratio)
  • Technical Co-sponsorship: 11 IEEE Societies and 2 IEEE Councils

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